Hadiati Poespodihardjo

Who I am

Hadiati Poespodihardjo

Naturopath – Osteopath

Hadiati Poespodihardjo Portrait


  • 1985 – 1988 Training and qualification as a physiotherapist
  • 1998 – 2003 Extra-occupational training and qualification as an osteopath at the SKOM – Schule für klassische osteopathische Medizin (School of Classical Osteopathic Medicine)
  • 2008 Qualification as an non-medical practitioner/naturopath
  • 2001 – 2017 Self-employed with my own practice in St.Georg/Hamburg with a focus on osteopathy
  • Self-employed in the Osteopathie und Therapiezentrum Hamburg/Hoheluft (Osteopathy and Therapy Centre Hamburg).

I have acquired the following additional qualifications (selection):

  • paediatric osteopathy – osteopathy for children
  • biodynamic osteopathy – led by Tom Shaver, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
  • cranial osteopathy – courses held by the SCCO – Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy

Through regular participation in osteopathic advanced training courses, I am continually deepening and expanding my knowledge.

What I do

My work in osteopathy

I treat babies, children and adults osteopathically.

Even after many years as a practitioner, my daily work with osteopathy continues to fill me with great joy. The holistic nature of the human being – by which I mean the interaction of the different systems within the human organism – is the focus of my osteopathic practice.

The importance of this method of thinking was recognised early on by Dr. Andrew T. Still, the developer of the concept of osteopathic medicine, in his studies. Based on this comprehensive approach, it is possible for me to go beyond your symptoms to incorporate all the systems through which the organism experiences health.

Teaching activities

  • Tutor and faculty member at SCCO
  • Course assistant for various advanced training courses at Mitha+Sonntag
  • Tutor in the paediatrics course series, Team Noori Mitha D.O.

I am a member of the following associations

What I charge

Osteopathic treatments

Treatment for adults

The number and frequency of the necessary treatments depends on individual findings and the healing process.

Treatment for babies and children
First treatment €90; follow-up treatment €65

If you have any questions concerning osteopathy or the costs of the treatments, please do not hesitate to call me.

For legal reasons, osteopaths are not allowed to provide therapeutic information. I cannot therefore give you any examples of areas of application for which osteopathic treatment could be considered. I would be happy to answer your questions by telephone. Please also note the legal notice in the imprint. You can find further information, for example, on the website of our professional association VOD at www.osteopathie.de. In addition, you can find information on the fields of application on the websites of numerous state health insurance providers that reimburse osteopathic treatments. Links to health insurance companies and professional associations can be found at www.osteokompass.de

Where I practice

Osteopathie und Therapiezentrum Hamburg

(Osteopathy and Therapy Centre Hamburg)

Gneisenaustr. 2, 20253 Hamburg


Osteopathie und Therapiezentrum Hamburg
Gneisenaustr. 2
20253 Hamburg

Tel.: 040 - 386 99 279 oder 0173 - 461 58 52
Appointments by telephone agreement only


Osteopathie und Therapiezentrum Hamburg


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